How to identify a good self-storage facility

Self-storage facilities have been on a rising demand for the last six years with people requiring them for either long-term or short term uses. It had in fact been projected that by the end of 2016, the industry will have registered a 2.3% growth according to a self-storage services market research report. There are many self-storage facilities throughout Brooklyn and thus a person may be tempted to go with the first one near their location without conducting proper research as should. If safety and maintenance of your items is the key, then you will need to key in a little more energy and effort to finding a reliable Brooklyn self storage facility. Read on for insights on how to identify a self-storage facility that will offer a reliable service.

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Active manager

A hands-on manager is the first thing to assure you of reliable service. It’s a very crucial aspect as a hands-on manager means that they will always be around to answer concerns and worries when needed by clients. You can easily identify this by making a number of trips to the Brooklyn self storage facility you have identified. If every time you make a visit to the warehouse and you find that the manager is actively involved with their customers, then you know that they are actively involved in the running of the storage facility.

Great hygiene

The hygiene of any Brooklyn self storage facility ought to be top notch as you are planning to have your things stored there for an extended period of time. Besides cleanliness will always give a good lasting impression of a facility and communicates volume about the facility. Just by looking at how the offices at the warehouse are maintained you can be able to tell the level of cleanliness upheld at the storage facility and it indicates how they are going to take care of your items.

Should be free of pests

The effect of pests on property go beyond destruction. They could lead to millions in losses, especially when you have invested in furniture storage Melbourne facility. For instance, rats can invade boxes and furniture, then chew the wood bringing damage to it. Also it’s common to have urine and faeces of the pests on belongings which result to annoying smell. Therefore despite how cheap a warehouse may be, question it by looking at things like pests as often these are what managers will not tell clients.


Security is the single most important thing when it comes to your Point Cook self storage facility. The reason is people store very personal and expensive stuff in warehouses and therefore they need to be safeguarded and have a guarantee that their items are safe and secure. Security with computerized access, great lighting as well as security cameras offers a good start. Try http://www.publicselfstorage.com.au for options.

There are many things that should be kept in mind when a person is looking for reliable Melbourne storage facilities. Cost, therefore, should be the last because much as it is a factor, it should never compromise on the factors discussed above.

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